Mar 072014

I wanted to pair a bold colour with these pants and immediately thought bright pink would work with this plaid pattern. It’s been freezing so of course I layered. For the indoor pictures I figured might as well not be wearing boots and socks and I wanted a subtle shoe so nude flats it was.

The finished look is okay but I don’t want okay I want WOW. I could get away with it but the sweater is too chunky to be worn with these pants on my frame. Lots of bulk in my middle and after having kids that is my most dreaded area. I don’t want to draw any attention there or add more weight. The colours work and the idea is great just poor execution. I will be looking for a thinner sweater or top in this colour to complete the desired look.

So close…yet so far away.

Not always winners

March Break has started in my house. For those on March Break enjoy your time with your kids.

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 March 7, 2014  Posted by on March 7, 2014

  3 Responses to “So Close…Yet So Far Away”


    I love the bright pink with these pants – and the pants are fantastic, too!


    I have those pants too! Love them! I’m petite so I stay more monochromatic with them……navy, black, green and such. I need all of the elongating help I can get. 🙂


    Love those pants!

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