Mar 082014

I am trying not to get too excited about temperatures actually being seasonal. A PR friend of mine made such a perfect image grid of so many wonderful spring items (also great for March Break) I thought I would share it.



Top (L-R) Guess, Alex and Ani, Mink Pink, Mink Pink, Guess

2nd Row Guess, Mink Pin, Guess, Guess, Hillberg & Berk

3rd Row Hillberg & Berk, Mink Pink, Watch It, Mink Pink, Manitobah Mukluks

4th Row Guess, Watch It, Guess, Watch It, Dr Martens

5th Row Guess, Henka, Guess, Hillberg & Berk, Hillberg & Berk


Lots of beautiful things. Any favourites?

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  2 Responses to “I Feel a Thaw”


    I will take the pink shoes please!


    Let’s see…the blue mocassins and the pink lace ups. I think I really need both of those in my life. 😀

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