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I keep on complaining about the weather and how cold it is but it’s official – WINTER HAS BROKEN ME. During  the month of March my city is starting to warm up, not anything crazy but the average temperature is about -1 Celsius this time of year. Now that doesn’t sound warm but for us it’s about the thaw and the expectation of Spring. You can layer and look cute, you can dump the winter boots when running errands and wear fun boots. You feel warm when you’re walking around and you can feel spring in the air. The anticipation is exhilarating!

You know what I feel now? I feel cold. That’s it, just cold. I don’t see the end in sight. I don’t feel like I can change things up sartorially because it is fricken -30 (with the wind chill) and you can’t look cute if you’re walking around in -30. I tried that today – didn’t work. I had a meeting with a few different PR people and NONE of us looked cute and NONE of them recognized me. You know why? Because it is -30 and I was walking and subwaying across the Toronto core – which means I was wearing a parka, heavy boots, a hat, gloves! One of my favourite PR people actually commented on how she always sees me in a dress when we meet and here I am dressed for the hell that is this weather. There are some cities in Canada that have had over 50 days of extreme cold weather in a row. No break and no end in sight.

I know there will be style pictures of bloggers in bare legs and flimsy clothing which I look at and wish I could wear but I am broken and cannot pretend anyone is wearing that in Toronto (unless you work in the shops and change when coming and leaving work, or some hard core fellow bloggers who are trying to inspire the uninspired ). Plus ain’t no one got time for that in -30. The most fun getting dressed I had this winter was on my Shoe Segment on CHCH morning live (click here for the one ray of sunshine in my otherwise miserable winter). See my point? I did not arrive in studio looking like that and I did not leave the studio looking like that.

My poor children aren’t even allowed to play outside. That means we are confined in the house which is not helping our happy family unit.

So on that note here I am pretending with peep toe booties because after these pictures where taken I put on my mukluks, parka and hat and waited for my kids to get home off the bus. My thighs froze, I couldn’t feel my fingers and my nose ran like a faucet. I leave you with that image in your head while you try to rationalize it with the photos.

#WeAreWinter was the hashtag Canadians used during the Sochi Olympics. Be careful what you tweet or instagram…#IHateYouWinterWeAreReallySpringandSummerPeopleSoJustGoAway. I wish it would catch on because at this point I will try anything.

-30 1

-30 2

Canadian Winter Rant Over. I hope.

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 March 3, 2014  Posted by on March 3, 2014

  11 Responses to “This Winter is KILLING Me…Slowly”


    You make me laugh but I am there with you. It is still super cold and all I want to do is wear jeans or sweatpants and sweaters under a parka. I would really love for it to be about 1 degree for a change.


    hey! this looks great! sorry for the weather


    Oh that is one heavenly pretty top – Totally what I would wear – LOVE IT!
    I thought we had it bad here in the UK with all the sodding rain but the low temps would kill me too!


    I’m over winter too. I love indoor shoots! I’m gonna take a stab at one this week!


    Oh girl, you KNOW I feel ya!!!


    I know what you mean! I know I am in the south, in NC and I shouldnt be complaining. But it already snowed here a few weeks ago,, and temperatures have been colder than usual , lets say it should be in the 60s now… they predict mid to high 60s next week, but tonight it is supposed to snow!! I am tired of it too.. I dont have kids but my pups havent been able to go outside as much.
    I really like the look! cozy, love the shoes and I have been following for a bit your site. You are lovely
    If you have time, stop by my somewhat newer blog


    love this top! Where did you get it? Zara?

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