Apr 302014
TV Blue

Doing TV excites me every time. Moreover, I can’t believe that I’m doing it. Being a style expert on television was never on my radar, I mean a stay at home mom sitting across the likes of Steven and Chris and now Tracy Moore on Cityline and discussing style and trends…really? Did I mention she’s [Read more…]

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Apr 282014
Still With the Crop Top

As I’ve stated before I was SHOCKED to see how popular my first crop top post was (view here). I’ve had women comment on my blog, e-mail, DM and tweet me about this trend. Most women have said it’s not for them but they appreciate how I’ve worn this trend in an age appropriate and sophisticated (their [Read more…]

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Apr 252014
Casual for the Weekend

It has been chilly and everyone in Toronto is waiting for spring to stay, not act like a confused boyfriend. I’ve been doing lots of running around. For those who follow me on Instagram you will have seen that my children, niece, my sister (who isn’t in any of the photos) and I were at [Read more…]

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Apr 222014
My Andrew Marc Wish List

I have been an Andrew Marc fan since my university days when I worked at Quest Boutique in Waterloo, Ontario. Andrew Marc has always been about beautiful outerwear and has since expanded to include clothing and watches for its women’s line. I’ve created two boards with my favourite pieces. The first is all about white [Read more…]

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Apr 162014
Birthday Parties and Media Previews

First a personal story – I caught the person who’s been stealing my papers yesterday morning. We had an unexpected snowfall in Toronto yesterday, when I finally got out of bed I opened my front door to marvel at the crazy weather. I noticed an elderly woman walking her dog in front of our house. [Read more…]

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Apr 142014
Pretty in Pastels

I talked about the 424 Fifth label last week and will be talking about it again this week. Lord and Taylor has created a feminine line that can be edgy or dainty. It just depends on your mood. Can you guess my mood today? A palm tree pencil skirt may not be for everyone but [Read more…]

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Apr 122014

I’m a talker, I will strike up a conversation with anyone. I don’t ask too many personal questions but I will ask questions about your job/career if you like to talk about it. I usually know where the line is and my husband is always astounded with what people will tell me. If you are [Read more…]

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Apr 112014
Date Night

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a great weekend and may all your plans be almost perfect. To me it’s the imperfections that keep things interesting. I am planning a date night so we shall see. This is about as short as I go when wearing a dress, Banana Republic did a great job because [Read more…]

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