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I have been an Andrew Marc fan since my university days when I worked at Quest Boutique in Waterloo, Ontario. Andrew Marc has always been about beautiful outerwear and has since expanded to include clothing and watches for its women’s line.

I’ve created two boards with my favourite pieces. The first is all about white heat and neutral edginess. No Andrew Marc wish list is complete without selecting a jacket, or in this case, two. Both jackets are moto styles: the white one features diamond quilted sleeves; while the canvas coloured jacket has topstitching shoulder and arm detail. The leather canvas coloured pants have quilted knees and the back is made of white ponti. To complete this look I selected a stainless steal watch with a TV shape case and gold accents.

Microsoft Word - andrew marc 1.docx

The second look is all about rock and roll with a feather printed tee and a great pair of mid-waist black leather combo shorts. I had to pick another TV shape case watch, this one features a black calf skin leather strap.

Microsoft Word - andrew marc 2.docx

Andrew Marc is a leading designer brand renowned for our high end men’s and women’s leather, fur, cloth, and wool outerwear. For over 30 years, Andrew Marc has built upon a tradition of remarkable garments that define fashion, defy trends, and stand the test of time. The brand has since expanded to include sportswear, denim, handbags, men’s bags, sunglasses, watches and footwear. Headquartered in New York City, Andrew Marc is truly a cosmopolitan brand, committed to producing collections based on innovation and luxury materials. Driven by a passion for the artisan and finding truth and sensuality in the rough edges. Andrew Marc is a truly iconic American brand, representing the rebel in all of us. Craftsmanship has been the heart and soul of each design; our unique signature hardware – a love letter to the art of detailing; our superior leathers – a sign of our uncompromising approach to materials.

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  9 Responses to “My Andrew Marc Wish List”


    I really like the cream leather and the watch, in that collection, looks fab. H x


    LOVE the white leather moto!
    xo Emma


    oh my lord how gorgeous is all of that? I so so so wish we could get this in the UK. Right up my street. xx


    The buttery jacket with all the zippers! Love that the most!


    Adore the white board. Love every single piece xx


    Oh my word … love everything on the cream and white board. Completely gorgeous. I’ve never heard of this brand before. Am I right in thinking it’s not available on this side of the pond? Must tell my sister though, as she’s a US resident. She’d love it!


    I love the feather print tee & there are some stunning pieces here! The canvas colour biker is just gorgeous! xx


    I love everything on your neutral moodboard. Just gorgeous x


    No 1 is such a lovely outfit. I’d love to be able to wear all white, so chic and these designs look fab! xx

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