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First a personal story – I caught the person who’s been stealing my papers yesterday morning. We had an unexpected snowfall in Toronto yesterday, when I finally got out of bed I opened my front door to marvel at the crazy weather. I noticed an elderly woman walking her dog in front of our house. She bent down and stole both of my papers, she didn’t even look around to see if she was being watched. I stood there for a second as my children where milling around the door then very calmly I asked the woman “Excuse me are you taking my papers?”. I startled her, she looked up and me and responded “Yeah.” I then said calmly “I need those papers can you please leave them?” She threw them on the ground and continued to walk her dog.  I was very happy with the way I handled the situation. My children were watching and I didn’t have to resort to yelling or name calling and it all got resolved. I’m not saying I didn’t want to throttle her I’m just glad I didn’t.

Embelishment & Leather 5

When I like something I wear it a lot. Guess you can tell how much I like these leather pants and nude shoes.

Embelishment & Leather 2

Embelishment & Leather 3

Embelishment & Leather 4

Embelishment & Leather 1

Blazer, Ted Baker (old) || Top, Club Monaco || Leather Pants, Danier  (old) || Shoes, Ferragamo || Clutch, Danier (old) || Earrings & Bracelet, c/o Cocoa Jewelry

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    LOVE this look! That is an amazing top!
    I agree that you handled the paper thief very well! We have an elderly neighbour that I can imagine doing the same thing!!!
    xo Emma


    I absolutely admire your composure in handling that situation – I probably would have yelled “Oi!! You!”, “Stop thief!” or something else bound to get an argument escalated!

    Looking great – I am loving your blog, your outfits are so wearable and elegant. P x


      I got into a bit of a “disagreement” with some very rude surveyors who started digging a whole in my front yard without asking me. My children where with me and they were scared. So this time I kept my cool.

      Thank you very much Porcelina for your kind words!


    Hahahahahaha about your paper thief! That’s hilarious! On another note, you look STUNNING! So in love with that top. I really should have bought it.

    xo Jenny


    No!!!!!!! The little tinker! You handled it very well indeed. I absolutely love your outfit – those pants are seriously gorgeous x


    I cannot believe the nerve of the woman. Well done you for not swearing (I fear I would have done) You look lovely and that clutch is very Valentino, I love it. H x


    Oh Iva! I could totally picture the nostrils flaring while you kept your composure!!!! LY XO Mia


    Unbeleivable. People have alot of nerve!! Honestly, I would have wanted to grab her little puppy and run of. And to just look you in the eye and say she steals. Now, your outffit. I love the white jacket, crisp clean and the leather pants are great as well, THe look isvery pretty with the sparkly top adding additional interest.
    xx jess

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