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Before you question my sanity I’m not talking about the type Britney was wearing circa 2000 (I have to admit I wore those too. Wish I took some pictures so I could admire what was). The crop tops I am suggesting are worn with high waisted skirts and pants and graze the top of those skirts and pants. The fun part about this combination is it becomes about the anticipation of seeing skin. It becomes almost Victorian – only a sliver shows and only when you’re moving, adjusting your hair, reaching for something. I’m in good company with Ann Wintour, Mindy Kaling and a pregnant Kerry Washington. Will you join me?

crop top 1

crop top 2

crop top 3

crop top 4

Top, Zara || Skirt, Express || Necklace, JCrew Factory || Earrings, Banana Republic || Shoes, Banana Republic

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  51 Responses to “Crop Tops – Just Hear Me Out”


    This outfit is stunning, totally amazing but then you have a great figure. I’m not sure I could hide my muffin top in simiarl outfit!

    LOVE the shoes with this also



      The skirt is sitting at my natural waist so everything is hidden and when I set down nothing hangs over. Sorry for the TMI but that’s the secret for pulling this off.


    Truly, Hell would freeze over before I would even think about wearing a crop top. Nobody, I really mean NOBODY, needs to see that look on me! But then, I don’t have your figure … and you look absolutely gorgeous x


    I think you look fabulous but I am so nesh I don’t think I could get away with this look. H xx


      I was petrified when I wore this outfit for the first time. But I stuck to my motto “Fake it till you make it”. Oh and I made sure I didn’t move too much. Ha!


    This is exactly how I would style a crop top – I’ve been looking out for the perfect one, and for the perfect high waist midi skirt to go with it! No joy yet!! Love the pop of colour on the shoes too. P x


    So I think I could go here….high waisted skirt with just a sliver – it looks amazing on you!
    You could *so* show those 20 something bloggers a thing or two…how many of them could still rock this look after 4 kids I wonder? Go sexy mama! xx


    You look absolutely stunning and have made crop tops look chic and elegant. I wore one at university a lot, but after my rather large son and one too many chocolate bars my stomach is in no fit shape to show even just a cm! However, if I looked like you I would be rocking a crop top most days! xxx


    I want to look like you today! This is so lovely – honestly. And the colour of the shoes – swoon!


    I love this on you – so gorgeous. You make me want to actually try crop tops on to see if they would work with my short squat figure lol. But seriously I feel like with the right combination it could work for even me.


    LOVE THIS LOOK ON YOU! So fab and more daring than me! I could never do the crop top! LOL



    I love the shoes!


    Great look & really loving the proportions! Just perfect. And apparently we have the same taste is shoes! I love my Banana Republic pumps, and not ashamed to admit I have them in a few colours. The padding & general great shape is what sells me every time! Have you seen the new floral & colour-blocked ones out for Spring?
    xo Cristina


      I love their shoes too Christina! Great spring selection and I love their metallic ones. I cannot remember the manufacturer but it’s a well known company and that’s why they are well padded and shaped so well.


    I’ve heard you and I love it! Styled to perfection. F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S x


    How utterly amazing do you look?! Oh honestly you look just so fabulous xx


    You look stunning Iva! Such a beautiful outfit! xx




    Je l’aime! So chic. LOVE>


    You look PHENOMENAL and I don’t use that word lightly. There’s something very starlet about this outfit and you carry it off with such grace which is something I never thought I’d say about a crop top. Gorgeous lady x


    Surperb styling! This outfit looks simply stunning……I love it! x


    YES! I accept! I am looking for the perfect top that works with my body type and then I will be pairing it with my highest skirts!!!
    xo Emma


    This outfit couldn’t be any more perfect! Thanks for linking up!


    Crop tops, those were the good ole days. I was very skeptical but I am loving this look on you. Great top and skirt


    such a great look, may be I am inspired to give it a try


    I have been tempted to try this trend and now that I see how you have styled it I am definitely going to try it out! Love the look!



    LOVE this style! You look great! I just bought a crop top and high waisted skirt. Can’t wait to wear it now.


    I’ve seen midriff at every event I’ve attended over the past few weeks!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰


    Love it! The wee sliver of skin is tasteful and I love the black and white.


    I actually love the new crop-top! I wish that it had been the crop top of Brittany Spears day. I love the tiny sliver of skin. This skirt with the striped top are so elegant!


    Hi there! I should have commented sooner! Lost my bookmarks, will follow. I like the cropped top with the higher waisted skirts, love it! Yes, you just aren’t wearing them with cut off jean shorts 🙂 I also love the fushia orchid color heels with the navy, a great color combo. Stop by if you can. I will follow you on bloglovin


    Love the disclaimer in your title- I think a lot of people are afraid of this trend but you have done it perfectly! Love this look!



    This style definitely takes courage! I’ve seen it around quite a bit but I’m not sure I’d ever try it.


    I love this on you!


    Love it! I have been hesitating over crop-tops for ages, as last time was pre-kids (oh, those far-flung days!), however the other night I braved it with just a sliver showing above high waisted trousers, and it didn’t feel mutton at all! You look super chic, Breton stripes can never fail. X

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