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As I’ve stated before I was SHOCKED to see how popular my first crop top post was (view here). I’ve had women comment on my blog, e-mail, DM and tweet me about this trend. Most women have said it’s not for them but they appreciate how I’ve worn this trend in an age appropriate and sophisticated (their words) way. There was a significant minority that stated they were going to try this trend and a few have sent me pictures of themselves in their very own, recently purchased crop tops. I honestly LOVE when my readers do this.

For this post I’ve paired the crop top with a sleek pencil skirt and a pair of Mary Jane shoes. This is a high waisted pencil skirt which complimented this Zara top and showed minimal skin.

crop top & pencil skirt 1

crop top & pencil skirt 2

crop top & pencil skirt 3


Posing hard and trying to switch it up a bit.


Crop Top & Skirt, Zara ||  Shoes, Michael Kors

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  7 Responses to “Still With the Crop Top”


    I think it helps that you have the high waisted skirt (which looks amazing). You are super tall and very slim and this suits you amazingly.



    I love the high waisted pencil skirt and it looks fabulous with your cropped top. Usually not a fan of them and not for me any longer but you look stunning!

    Annette | Lady of Style


    LOVE this look! It is classy and adorable!
    xo Emma


    It suits your’ figure because you are tall and slim. You look great. H x


    Just this weekend I tracked down a crop top just like yours, on sale as well for just £3!! I am going to post some pics on my blog soon, will be sure to let you know so you can smile at another person shaped by your immense fashion influence!! P x


    Hi! I love this look. I am a huge fan of Zara’s clothes. I love the skirt on you, and stripe tops are growing on me. This look is very flattering. I have a red skirt, and I may end up with that top myself. Please stop by



    Okay, I’m now reconsidering the cropped top. Hmmmmm…yes, I like it!

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