May 292014
Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base

I don’t wear a lot of make-up everyday and with spring here wearing a heavy foundation daily is unappealing. However, my skin hasn’t adjusted to spring and is looking dull and reddish. It’s like Clarins read my mind when they sent me their Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base (I will just call it Light Radiance [Read more…]

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May 282014
Family Time with Kaptured Memories

Today I am sharing some candid photos my talented brother-in-law took of my family during the Mother’s Day weekend. My brother-in-law owns Kaptured Memories Photography in Sudbury but is also doing photography in the Greater Toronto Area. He’s talented and patient (you should see the family he married into) and always has his camera handy. Thank [Read more…]

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May 262014
Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em

I’ve aged myself with that title – I loved MC Hammer and his rhymes. Plus there were those iconic Hammer Pants (or harem pants) that I would never consider wearing, unless I was dancing Bosansko Kolo (a Croatian Folklore Dance from the Bosnian Region) or until the updated version of 2014. Love these harem/hammer pants from [Read more…]

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May 222014
Another #WinnersFabFind

My denim obsession continues with these perfect light blue jeans, for $24.99 it’s another #WinnersFabFind.   Wearing Sweater, LOFT || Jeans, c/o Winners || Shoes, Coach (old) || Handbag, c/o Ecco || Necklace c/o Lia Sophia My Winners Giveaway is underway. Good Luck to all those who enter (it’s open to Canadians only. Sorry!!). a [Read more…]

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May 152014
MN for Thyme Maternity

With a desire to showcase Canadian talent, Montreal-based retailer Thyme Maternity has partnered with designer Melissa Nepton and will reveal a summer capsule collection this May. Created under the Melissa Nepton for Thyme Maternity label, this clothing line exemplifies the designer’s signature fluidity and feminine style. Over the course of this collaboration, Nepton had the [Read more…]

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May 142014
Leopard is a Neutral

I haven’t been able to wear my leopard pants for a while. When the nice weather finally hit Toronto I had to wear them. Leopard has become a neutral. Pair it with stripes and polka dots just because and enjoy this animal print. Outfit Details Pants, Banana Republic (old love this and this snow leopard version) || [Read more…]

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May 122014
This is 39

Today is my birthday, this is what 39 looks like. 39 at it’s most primped and made up. I’m a bit relieved, it’s not as bad as I pictured it 20 years ago when I was 19 (how crazy is that – 20 years ago I was 19!!). This blog (for the most part) shows [Read more…]

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May 092014
Ready for the Weekend - Mother's Day

In Canada and the US we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend. I was born on Mother’s Day, I guess I was the best gift ever for my mom (sorry Ana and Rosie). For those of you who have followed me for over a year then you know that I get to eat at Burger King [Read more…]

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May 062014 Mother's Day Gift Guide

  Mother’s Day this year will be about my in-laws who will be celebrating 40 years of marriage. My birthday is around the same time as my in-laws anniversary and my husbands birthday is around the same time as my parents anniversary.  I love coincidences. I am not really thinking of Mother’s Day gifts for [Read more…]

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