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Today is my birthday, this is what 39 looks like. 39 at it’s most primped and made up. I’m a bit relieved, it’s not as bad as I pictured it 20 years ago when I was 19 (how crazy is that – 20 years ago I was 19!!). This blog (for the most part) shows me at my best. What the photos don’t show is the shy, really skinny, gangly, nerdy, sensitive, goody two shoes teenager; or the 20 something girl that never found that dream job she was sure she was going to land right after university; or the exhausted woman in her 30s trying to manage 4 little ones and feeling guilty because she “opted out” of the work force and felt like she sold out that young idealistic 19 year old because she didn’t have it all, or at least all at once.

Life has a funny way of messing with your plans, especially when you’re young.  This was a difficult post to write – reflecting on ones life usually is – doing it on a public forum is terrifying. But this 39 year old is happy and fortunate. I have a wonderful husband who is my partner and best friend and my four children are healthy while they drive me crazy. My parents are also healthy, want for nothing, watched their children become adults and have met and spent time with all their grandchildren (I hope there are more to come from my sisters, NOT from me). My sisters are making their way through life fulfilled and over coming their own difficulties. My extended family is doing well and I am surrounded by amazing friends.

I will enjoy this last year of my 30s. I am most excited about what is to come, both personally and professionally. This last year has seen me take on many new challenges and be handed some amazing opportunities. With my fingers crossed I hope they keep coming. Age has taught me to take nothing for granted and appreciate everything I am given and have earned. Working hard pays off as does surrounding yourself with good people. My life isn’t perfect but I try my best to make it my own.

For my readers I thank you for taking time out of your own busy days to check out my little space on the internet. I hope I’ve made you laugh and given you some interesting and useful ideas when getting dressed in the morning.

I don’t have any exciting plans today, I just need to pick up two new kitchen chairs (so lucky I have a minivan to transport them). I want to have a piece of my favourite cake and spend time with the kids and my husband. When the kids go to sleep my husband and I will watch some tv, have a glass of wine and I will thank God for everything I have.

I take that back, my day will be exciting because I got to celebrate being 39.

Birthday Iva 1

Birthday Iva 2

Birthday Iva 5 (1)

Birthday Iva 4

Birthday Iva 3Outfit details Skirt, Zara (old, like this, this & this)  || Top, Anthropologie || Shoes, Nine West (old, similar US here, CA here & here) || Belt, Banana Republic (old, similar here, fun idea here) || Bracelets, Earrings c/o Cocoa Jewelry here

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    Happy, happy birthday! I think you look absolutely stunning. I’m sure you’ve struck a chord with many women in this post, be it not getting your dream job, struggling with small children etc. etc. But because I’m clearly shallow, I was even more struck by your absolutely divine shoes … so I’m off now to check out the Nine West website! Have a fabulous day xx


    Happy Birthday!! You’re looking fabulous, just how a birthday girl should. I celebrated my birthday 4 days ago, so you’re another lovely Taurean, gosh there’s a lot of us on the blogosphere! Gorgeous top, ruffles make me go a bit silly. P x


    Happy Birthday Iva and congratulations on all fronts. Love the way you merge style and life. This dream job was made for you! Well done. Paola


    Happy Birthday. You look great. I love the sillouette. The billowy top which is so pretty, with the straight skirt. I also have to just look and admire the sexy shoes and I cant wear those, anymore. Beautiful!

    Please stop by


    Happy Birthday!!


    Happy Birthday!

    It is always funny how life turns out. I love how idealistic and naive I was when I was young. I think we are told to strive for greatness and when we are young we shoot for the moon. But then life gets in the way and I am not sad about opting out of the workforce because it gave me a real chance to enjoy this phase of being a mom. Because they are already in school at 4 and then it is time for change again!

    The top is so dramatic – love it!


    This post is amazing- so honest and candid. My birthday was on Saturday and I too was reflecting on where I am and how my life, goals and expectations have changed in the last decade or so.
    xo Emma


    I’m also 39. I adore this very honest blog entry. As as outsider looking in, you seem like you have it all together. You still do! You are so blessed and talented. I look to you for fashion inspiration all the time. Love this blog and following you on IG!! Keep up the good work and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You wear 39 so well


      Thank you Chandra! I just wanted to let women know that I understand what they are going through. I just push ahead wearing a pair of heel. Lol.


    Happy Birthday! I celebrated my b-day on 5/7 🙂 Your outfit is so cute! Thanks for sharing your fashion tips and great outfit inspirations!


    Happy Belated Birthday Iva!!
    You look beautiful at 39 and I’m sure will look just as beautiful at 59!!
    I loved reading your honest and touching Birthday post. Thank you for sharing that side of yourself. You are an inspiration!

    Love, Mia xo


    Not sure how I missed this! Looking gorgeous at 39…love reading your little retrospective.
    We are blessed. xox


    Well, happy birthday! You’re adorable! Love your attitude … and your outfit!


    You totally don’t look 39!! Happy Birthday though 🙂 And that top is ridiculously beautiful!

    Visiting from WIWW 🙂


    Happy birthday! You look gorgeous in that outfit – love the accessories!


    That top is such a beauty!

    And…39? Looks more like 29 to me!


    Great post Iva!!!


    Happy Belated Birthday! Absolutely love this top! I have had my eye on it for quite some time, and the more and more I see bloggers style it, the more I know I need to have it. Love the whole outfit – pencil skirt, cute belt, and lace up shoes!


    Happy belated birthday!!!!! I had a feeling you might be a fellow Taurus 🙂 The outfit looks stunning, and 39 looks amazing – you have a great attitude about it!

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