May 022014

The weekend cannot come soon enough. Yesterday my youngest and I butted heads. We both came out of it a little bruised, but I am hoping next week is better. Four year olds like to test you and I think I surprised him with how “mean” I could be. We’ll see.

I have a packed weekend every weekend in May. This month is going to be busy. Most of you know how I feel about being too busy.#FirstWorldProblems #CryMeARiver

I hope all of you enjoy the weekend and see you on Monday!

trench and stripes

trench and stripes 2

Wearing: Trench & Jeans, Gap (old) || Sweater, Banana Republic (c/o) || Tote, Louis Vuitton || Belt, Tory Burch (old)

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  3 Responses to “Stripes & a Trench”


    Hee hee 4 year olds can be such hard work but very very cute. Stunning outfit, you look amazing Iva xx


    oh no.. I thought four would be better than three! I butted heads with my little guy this morning and he cried when I raised my voice… I felt bad but he needs to know that he cannot call people dumbheads! Sigh.


    I have a 4yr old like that too! Can’ think where she gets it from?! 😉 You look lovely Iva & certainly look as though you came out the winner! <3 xx

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