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eShakti is an on-line women’s clothing retailer, I’ve seen many fellow bloggers wearing eShakti clothing, while I really liked what I saw the tall girl inside me was hesitant to order anything. I’ve been crushed too many times. If you are average height (5’5″) or petite when something is long on you 99.9% of the time it is still too short on me. I am a smidgen under 6 feet – so that extra 4 or 5 inches you may complain about (average height person) is not going to cover it for me. When eShakti approached me to do a review I said yes right away. It would cost me nothing and I would be able to see if their claim of customization was true.

It is!!!!

I ordered the Illusion Crop Top and Poplin Skirt (no surprise there) and was excited for one particular reason – it is based on the Chanel design that seems to be universally flattering on everyone. It emphasizes your waist and makes it look smaller – SOLD! The fabric is light weight and perfect for the summer months and I feel can be worn to a casual wedding or bridal/baby shower. Measurements here are true to size so measure twice and order once, in the future I would order a size 8 for myself. While size 6 fit really well if I gain a single ounce it might be too tight. No vanity sizing here so be warned. You can change the length or the skirt, the type of sleeve, get rid of the pockets or the polka dots. I didn’t change anything about this top/skirt combination – for me it was perfect the way it was. When asked for my height I was over joyed because the skirt was the perfect length when I put it on and I was over the moon.

eShakti 4

eShakti 2

The illusion of the smaller waist is what made me order this combination and I think it delivers.

eShakti 1

eShakti 3

 Outfit details – Dress, c/o eShakti || Shoes, c/o Guillhermina || Bracelet, Furla (old)

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On a separate note World Cup starts today. I will be cheering for Croatia – GO CROATIA GO at Baka Cafe today. My twitter account is being shared with my husband who will be at THE GAME IN BRAZIL so he will be live tweeting with me. You gotta love technology – Toronto & Sao Paolo locations. I had to teach him what a hashtag was. Who are you cheering for this World Cup?

Red & White checks all the way!

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    I love this look! I cannot wait for my eShakti order to arrive (next week!!!)
    As for the World Cup… I am not sure who I will be cheering for… I guess England, the land of my people??
    xo Emma


    I am 5’10” and share a similar length struggle as you do with things being too short so I like the customizable idea here. Great look! Also, I am a former work colleague of your husbands. Can’t believe he will be in Brazil. Today, Go Croatia! Sunday, Go Greece, next week. Go Argentina!

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