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Hold the presses! As it turns out, men do like to shop.

With Father’s Day approaching, Yorkdale Shopping Centre recently surveyed 1,400 of its shoppers to find out what guys really think about shopping, and what ladies really think about their guy’s style.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, more than half of the men who answered look to George Clooney and David Beckham for style inspiration. What may shock you is that almost 88 per cent of men say they actually enjoy shopping and 77 per cent of men consider themselves stylish.
The survey also found that approximately 80 per cent of men prefer to do their shopping in person as opposed to online and 45 per cent usually bring their significant other.

More survey results:

· 43 per cent of men prefer to shop alone while almost half of the men surveyed (45 per cent) prefer to bring their partner with them.
· 56 per cent think fashion media are most knowledgeable when it comes to menswear, followed by their significant others (38 per cent), which is interesting when contrasted with the 87 per cent of ladies who say their guy asks for their opinion when shopping.
· Not only do men love to shop, they shop frequently! Nearly one in three men say they shop once per month, while another 16 per cent say they shop even more often than that. And nearly three quarters of guys say they prefer several small shopping trips throughout the year to fewer big trips.
· 46 per cent of ladies say they like their guy’s unique style, while only a handful want their guy to dress more like David Beckham or Ryan Gosling (roughly 20 per cent each).

This Father’s Day, gifts of style make a nice change to the usual electronic gadget or sports tickets, especially discovering now, how much men do in fact like to shop.

Yorkdale offers a wide range of men’s retailers including John Varvatos, Harry Rosen, Hugo Boss, AllSaints, Massimo Dutti and Ted Baker London. From the socks on his feet to the stylish blazer on his back, there are retailers available to complete his whole look.

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    I will run a mile from shopping unless it involves books, plants or shoes. And the latter I still prefer to do online. But male OH loves browsing for nothing in particular whereas I will go out to buy an identified thing and come back with that thing or nothing. Unless it is a book…..


    Blogger Iva meets Research Iva!! Love It!!

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