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Life lately has been about kids activities and end of school festivities. That means casual outfits that are kid friendly. Yes, you can insert the word boring. While this outfit isn’t the most exciting or inspiring outfit I’ve ever posted it is functional and shows I care. You all know that I care, a lot. It’s very soccer mom and since this is the first year my kids are playing in an organized league very appropriate.

weekend uniform



I received this necklace from oNecklace and I had to say I was very excited. My very own monogrammed necklace just like Carrie Bradshaw and honestly it never gets old. By it I mean Sex and the City. I LOVE Sex and the City (TV series not the movies, hated the movies) and not because it was the thing to do. I watched from the very beginning – first season when my roommate Mia and I happened to stumble upon it. Mia and I quickly became obsessed with the series and Mia fed that obsession by buying all the DVD sets so we could watch it whenever we wanted. I even got my sister and her friends hooked. They came to stay at my place for an evening before heading to Europe. Instead of going out they stayed in and watched all the Sex and the City episodes they could stuff in that one night.

Anyway back to the Carrie Necklace, I have been wearing it a lot lately. All those soccer practices and games need something and this oNecklace is my something. It is delicate without being cheap. I’ve had no quality issues (no discolouration either, I’ve had it for a few months just to make sure) and it was delivered in cute packaging.

khaki and blue

gap khaki pantsOutfit Details – Top, c/o Old Navy || Jeans, c/o Gap (love these that are on sale) || Shoes, JCrew (old, like this & this) || Necklace, oNecklace || Hangbag, Coach || Watch, Michael Kors (old, similar here) || Bracelets, Links of London (here & here)

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  9 Responses to “oNecklace”


    You are going to put all the other soccer moms to shame, Iva! Love this preppy look!
    xo Emma


    This is true. You did get us hooked on Sex and the City.
    Love the necklace.


    I think it looks great on you! You mean you aren’t going out in a ball gown to a soccer game? I love the fit of this outfit on you!
    from the link up
    Please stop by, jess


    Love, love, love this outfit!! The color tone, the style, everything. Did I mention I love this outfit?! Not boring AT all. It is the epitome of simple and looks effortless, therefore classy.

    I’m another Sex and the City addict too. I miss my “friends”.


    Cute outfit.I just ordered a necklace with my nickname Hedy!!


    Thanks for the memories Iva!! We became quite the pros at ‘binge’ watching a show, didn’t we?!!
    It might be time to dust those babies off and watch them from season 1 again!! 😉


    You look so put together in this outfit! All the pieces go together seamlessly – especially love the shirt with the jeans and belt.


    Cute necklace! I too, loved and still love Sex & The City. I have the DVD’s and love watching the very 1st season whenever I need to just relax and want to remember the old 90’s!


    I meant the good, ol’ 90’s! 🙂

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