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Here’s how Live Clean’s three hair oils – KERATIN Oil Leave-in Treatment, MONOI OIL Leave-in Treatment and Age Resist MIRACLE NUTRITION OIL can get your hair summer ready and help your hair through the summer healthy and beautiful.

And, because they’re Live Clean, they’re eco-friendly and silicone-free, of course.

What will summer do to your hair?

– UV rays will damage it
– Humidity will frizz it
– Chlorine from swimming pools will dry and damage it – and can harm your beautiful (and expensive) colour
– Air conditioning can dry out your hair
– Going from indoor AC to outdoor humidity can create a frizz nightmare
– Add it all up – swim, sun, heat, AC, humidity, chlorine plus the styling tools you’re using daily – yikes!

Live Clean hair oils can prevent and combat all of these summer hair problems and – at the same time – tackle the specific problems each was created for.

Live Clean KERATIN OIL Leave-in Treatment

Tackles summer hair concerns
The hair smoothing specialist
Works for all hair types, but especially frizzy, dry, curly

– Frizz and fly-aways are smoothed away; hair follicles are lightly coated to protect hair and create shine
– Adds moisture and shine – then seals it in
– Buriti Oil and Macademia Nut Oil to moisturize, smooth, repair and increase elasticity
– Macadamia Nut Oil helps protect against sun and environmental damage
– Wild Flower Honey, a natural humectant, attracts and hold onto water molecules
– Locks hair into smooth, straight, shiny looking strands
– Hair takes less time to blow dry and straighten
– Phyto-Keratin helps strengthen the hair
– Helps to prevent damage from heat tools such as blow dryers and irons.

LIVE CLEAN MONOI OIL Leave-in Treatment

Tackles summer hair concerns
The hair strengthening specialist
Perfect for fine hair and dry, brittle hair

– Helps prevent breakage and increases hair’s resiliency
– Shields against external damage
– Monoi Oil, a blend of rich coconut oil infused with Tahiti’s native Tiare flower is an outstanding preventative, strengthening hair before damage begins
– Jojoba Oil and Bamboo Extract hydrate dry, brittle hair and ensure moisture is retained
– Tackles the many problems summer throws at your hair – moisture loss, frizz, environmental damage


Tackles summer hair concerns
Addresses the problems of aging hair
Perfect for damaged and fine hair

– A pre-shampoo treatment
– Adds moisture that summer depletes
– Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein attaches to the hair shaft, increasing sheen, lustre and density, causing hair to appear thicker and fuller
– Jojoba Oil smoothes unruly hair, imparting shine and manageability
– Rosehip and Avocado Oil act as natural alternative to silicone

Exotic Silk Keratin Oil
Exotic Vitality Monoi OilAge Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil

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