Jul 302014

Change is good – short hair for the summer is what I needed. I was bored with my hair and wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I saw my hair dresser. When I told him to cut off 4 inches he was a bit surprised but obliged – the hair colour was his idea. Shorter and darker is definitely a winning combination.

Dress Mavens


This dress is care of Dress Mavens – a custom made online dress shop that offers beautiful dresses for women of all heights, shapes and sizes. A new dress and new hair. Wednesday never felt so good.

Short Hair

Navy Blue Dress Mavens


Outfit Details – Dress, c/o Dress Mavens || Shoes, Banana Republic (old, similar here & here, these are fun here) || Necklace, Ann Taylor (old) || Handbag, Danier (old)

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  16 Responses to “Short Hair Don’t Care”


    If my hair was thick and straight, that’ll be the hairstyle to go for! You look fabulous and I also love the colour and highlights.
    The dress is 100% my style, love it!

    Annette | Lady of Style


    WOW Eva you look stunning, the hair is gorgeous


    Your hair looks amazing Iva & I love the colour & highlights too, just stunning.
    Jane xx


    Stunning!!!….love the hair and the dress xx


    Love the hair. I keep contemplating cutting it off to my shoulders again. The darker looks great too! The Dress Mavens dress looks FANTASTIC on you. I met the ladies who started that back when I was doing Stella & Dot.


    Your hair looks amazing! Love the color as well. I recently had about 4″ cut off my hair as well and I really love how chic it looks with my shorter look! I also love your dress and necklace combination, great look.


    Iva! You look beautiful. I cut my hair a few weeks ago, and I love it, but sometimes miss my ponytail. Off to shop at Dress Mavens. What a wonderful idea.


    I LOVE the hair! It really suits you. I cut my hair after my wedding in May. It felt so good and I love how shorter hair is easier to manage in the summer heat!


    I LOVE IT!!! Just gorgeous! Miss you. xox


    I love the hair as well as the dress! You look so chic and ready to take on the world. Inspiring me to kick it up one more knotch at work in terms of my fashion choices! Always love your outfits. Check out my scarf tying ideas and tutorial guide and let me know what you think of it. Always a fan XOXO



    Had the same hair style many years ago.. you look beautiful with it! The dress is awesome, very elegant and feminine.. in this outfit you can rock every red carpet 🙂



    Love the color and cut. Looking fabulous!!


    Your dress is regal and your shorter hair looks fab. Who is your hairdresser?
    Cheers! Deborah

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