Sep 292014

I had every intention of posting more last week, but it was just one of those weeks – bee sting, goose egg, asthma like symptoms and a personal loss. That was all by Tuesday. On Wednesday I’ll be on Cityline and I wanted to give you a sneak peak into one of my outfits – culottes! I wanted to style them for the office and I think I have achieved that. I have also worn this outfit to TIFF and to church.

One of my readers, Anna, asked me to style these culottes with booties and the last picture shows that. If you have a request or a question please comment, tweet or leave me a message on Instagram.

I hope you can tune in to my Cityline segment and if not I’ll post the clip.

Pink Tartan Culottes

Stella & Dot Necklace

Pink Tartan button down

Pink Tartan button down and culottes

Culottes & Booties

 Outfit Details – Button Down, Pink Tartan (here, here) || Culottes, Pink Tartan (here) || Shoes, Jimmy Choo (here, similar here) || Booties, Ann Taylor (old, similar here, here) || Necklace, Stella & Dot (similar brights version here) || Bracelet, Citrus Silver || Belt, Banana Republic (old, similar here love this one)

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  13 Responses to “culottes for work”


    I need those culottes – they are just perfect – you carry them off so well with your height! xx


    Gorgeous! Please post a clip for those of us that are trapped at work and can’t watch you!


    Oooooh, love that! I’m tall too and worry that my feet will look big in booties, but you rock them, especially with the culottes. I think swapping out the animal print belt for the black belt was wise too. There is a great balance going on here!


      I prefer it without the animal print belt too. I really like to experiment with my pieces and tried different belts to see what would be my favourite combination. Black belt I think was the better of the two. Keep making requests Anna and I hope I can help.


    You look fabulous in these culottes — alas at 5’6″ with a long waist I’m just too short for this look … But love it with the shoes and also the booties


    you look amazing and I love the culottes with boots and shoes. Sorry for your loss and I hope all is ok now.


    I had a pair of coulottes in denim back in the early 2003ish. I am pretty sure seeing you in all your tall glory pulling them off reiterates how they just aren’t a good look for me. But I know now to never say never!


    These look fabulous on you, very classic! I love the leather look and the stillettos!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess


    Hi Iva! This is my favourite way of styling culottes, although they are not my cup of tea 🙂

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