Oct 162014

When I did my last Cityline segment I pulled some great coats from LOFT and Crossbodies from Pursebox. Now, I didn’t keep any of them but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t do a few quick posts featuring a few of my favourite pieces. First post features this classic bomber with a twist and crossbody handbag.

Bomber Jacket

LOFT Bomber

Bomber Jacket


Outfit Details – Bomber, LOFT (here) || Blouse, JCrew (on clearance, similar herehere) || Pants, JCrew (here) || Crossbody, Pursebox || Booties, c/o Guilhermina || Bracelet, Citrus Silver

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  5 Responses to “a bomber”


    I love the way you put your outfits together, you look wonderful!


    cool outfit..i love your shoes


    Bombers are definitely the thing this season, but while I love them on others, I think they look kinda bad on me. Probably because of a large tit area…I think bomber tends to make the bust look even larger and it’s not the look I want. Shame as I do think it’s a funky look.


    Love that this is a bit sporty but still chic. Great outfit IVA.


    Great outfit (as always)! And those are a kid of sweatpants that I could get behind (or into, I suppose).

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