Oct 172014

Things have been hectic lately, Thanksgiving was spent in Sudbury, I was a MC for a political fundraiser, I am getting ready for two Halloween segments (for one show), my oldest son turned 9 and we’re having our first big class party plus there is just the everyday with the kids and husband (we almost missed the bus this morning, the driver waited a few extra minutes as we rushed to pack our lunches and get out the door). I have been feeling tired and it showed on my skin. This past week I got busy and forgot to take care of me – typical of all women regardless if you have small children, big children or no children. We take care of others first, ourselves second. I dropped the ball on my Conair challenge and it showed in my skin. Last night I “scrubbed” my skin clean with the Sonic brush and I am writing this post after using the Facial Sauna. I took 12 minutes out of my morning for the sauna and my skin feels vibrant and I have the lovely scent of my Clarins moisturizer lingering.

That’s all I had time for but it was enough.

I feel energized and my skin looks and feels better. Life took over my blog postings and that’s ok because it happens to everyone.  I’m just happy I got back into the swing of things and my skin is back to feeling clean and healthy with a bit of a glow (I see the glow after finding 12 minutes to myself).

If you can find 12 minutes in your day Conair has a giveaway for the entire True Glow line here. The contest closes today.



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