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I love Christmas – the decorating, the food, midnight mass, the sense of family it evokes and the joy it brings my children. We don’t spoil our children on Christmas but they do get two toys each that they love. Toys that will make memories and bring that feeling of joy that will carry them to adulthood. It’s not always an easy pick because there are so many choices. This year Mattel is making it easier to figure out what kids want by giving parents a head start and some great suggestions at My kids really wanted to help out too (no surprise there), each one of them picked out their favourite toys from the Top 10 selection and we tested each toy out so you would get an honest review. We spent the weekend playing with every toy which was wonderfully exhausting (most of the time).

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The one thing I really wanted to mention before the toy review is from a parents perspective, it was so EASY to get the toys out of their boxes. NO hard plastic and wire ties, my older children were able to open the boxes and take out their toys without me being afraid they would have to get stitches. That is such a big bone of contention for me – how they ship children’s toys. Mattel really hit it out of the park and made the experience about the toys not mommy saying bad words while she struggled to free the toys from the packages. Now back to the review.

Here are their picks:

1. Monster High Freaky Fusion Catacombs for Gabbie

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The catacombs is all kinds of cool and was seen in the Monster High Freaky Fusion movie. With three levels and multiple play spaces, the set can display more than 15 dolls, and features clawesome transformative features and secret surprises. All the kids got involved setting up the catacombs and a few Hot Wheels cars somehow made it into this freaky fun dollhouse. My daughter loves her Monster High Dolls and was happy to finally have a place to display them all (well most of them) and let her imagination run wild. This is a very tall dollhouse and doesn’t disappoint with the colour selection and little accessories, just make sure you have a great play space because your little girl will be spending hours there.

Available at: Walmart, Toys “R” Us, Target, Loblaws, Sears & Amazon


2. BOOMco Stealth Ambush Blaster for M & N

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My two older boys couldn’t wait to join the BOOMco revolution in action play. These unique blasters feature targets, rounds and darts. When fully loaded, the Stealth Ambush Blaster Houses 17 Smart Stick darts with each dart soaring up to 70 feet. This set includes a 9-inch sticky backed Smart Stick target, when the darts hit the target they stick to the board and you can play games based on where the darts hit the target. We placed the target on the back of a hallway door and had some fun competitions for a few hours (yup hours). This was a highly addictive experience which was made more so for me because I was the BIG WINNER!! I had won the most competitions but the highest score went to my oldest son. You know what else made this so fun? My boys begging me to play with them because we were having so much fun and I was so much fun. I will always remember that. If your boys are going to be blasting each other please make sure they have protective eye gear. This is a wonderful toy but parents need to be mindful.

Available at: Walmart, Toys “R” Us, Target, Loblaws, Sears & Amazon

3. Hot Wheels Colour Shifters Flame Fighter Set for Lu.

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My youngest son loves his Hot Wheels so we knew what was going to be his choice. The Hot Wheels® Color Shifters® Flame Fighters skyscraper has erupted into a raging inferno and trapped all the cars! Launch the Color Shifters® car into action to set the other cars loose. Will they take a dunk in the cooling tank and be safe – or will they be plunged into the “burning” tank instead? Colour-changing transformation, excitement and mayhem meet in this high-thrills play set. Best part for me is that it includes one Color Shifters® vehicle. The set is colourful and fun and light weight plus my son lugs it up and down the stairs with ease. He is always carrying his favourite toys from one floor to the next.

Available at: Walmart, Toys “R” Us, Target, Loblaws, Sears & Amazon

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