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I hope everyone had a great holiday season! We were hit with a few sick bugs (still fighting one to be honest) so everything I had planned to do on the blog took a backseat. Didn’t get my re-cap of the year done, no NYE looks or posting about all the sales.

I did manage to do one thing and that is book my (couples) trip to London, England at the end of the year! This is exciting for a few reasons: 1) I have never been to London or any city in England 2) I am going to meet up with my (mostly) UK based blogger friends that I have only communicated with over the internet and 3) my girlfriend Nicole is turning 40 that weekend. I am also turning 40 this year. I could be scared as I hit another decade but I am going to embrace this birthday and I want to try and do one new thing each month for this year. I already have February covered (thank you trip to London) and can’t wait to figure out what else I’ll be doing over the next 12 months.

The first post of the year will be setting a tone for the year so I have selected a perfect and iconic black wrap dress by Canadian company Code Vitesse. This clothing line was designed with mother’s in mind and celebrating being a mother seemed like the right idea for my first post in 2015.

Code Vitesse is a new designer, and has made her collection all about simplicity and looking put together. Comfortable, simple, and edgy basics: what could be more perfect for the new mom, the mom whose morning consists of dressing their children, the mom who is putting everyone else first, but still wants to feel and look great herself?! The looser, stretcher pieces are perfect for anyone who has recently had a baby. These convenient and flattering pieces will be comfortable on a healing C-Section scar, or the tummy that is not ready to be shown off just yet. This also includes the tummy that is just coming off Christmas/NYE gluttony.

With a great price point, beautiful colors, and the comfiest pieces you can find, Code Vitesse is a perfect brand for the modern-day woman.

Code Vitesse 1

I love the fabric of this wrap dress and it would be perfect for any upcoming vacations during the cold winter months. It wears nicely and moves well. I was going to purchase a DVF wrap dress but this one will do perfectly. Pair it with sandals for a more casual and warmer feel.

Code Vitesse 2

Dress, c/o Code Vitesse (here, similar herehere & here) || Shoes, JCrew (old) || Necklace, Pears for Girls

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    I hear ya, the fluécold bug hit here as well. I got struck on Christmas Eve and straight through all the holidays and then yesterday the nasty flu bug hit Kent like a 2 x 4, why oh why do these nasty bugs hit when we have such good plans to gt organized. Love the LBD and you will love your 40`s


    Happy New Year! Love the dress, its a very flattering cut and looks very good on you. I went to London a couple of years ago and fell in love with it. It is a great city and you will have so much fun!



    Sorry to hear about the holiday bugs, fortunately no one got sick this Christmas, but that doesn’t mean vacation went as planned. After this, and some previous experiences I’ve decided to stop setting up any expectations for vacations and whatever happens, happens. Of course I’m talking about trips with kids, ha! London is one of my fave cities, I’m not necessarily the most well-travelled person, but I just love it and need to go back.

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