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I have this thing with pants – as a tall woman I feel the need to buy any pants that fit me because my options are so limited plus I like really bold and loud pants. I always have. When I saw these pants from Gap offered in their Tall section I jumped on them. Here’s the thing, my husband does not share my love of loud pants. I have leopard print pants, green and blue plaid pants, grey window pane pants, camo pants, lizard print pants, red pants, kelly green pants, yellow pants (plus a few more colours) and now red and blue/black tartan pants. At times I feel like I could be on the Norwegian Curling team. So I try and wear my loud pants when he is not with me mostly so I don’t have to hear him beg me to not wear my crazy loud pants when we are together. We all compromise in marriage.


I decided I was going to be bold and do a Manrepeller type outfit. I did some pattern mixing and added some pearls. Hey, if they hate them give them a real reason to rage. Who’s with me?

Man Repeller 1

Man Repeller 2

Man Repeller 3


Wearing – Pants, Gap (here, CA here, similar here & herethese are perfect) || Chambray shirt, Banana Republic (old, similar here) || Necklaces, JCrew & Banana Republic (Grey version here) || Shoes, JCrew (here, love these too)

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  7 Responses to “Manrepeller”


    Funny that! I do the same thing with trousers but because I’m short!


    I too have a thing for loud pants. And bright colours. I think they can be so fun! My husband usually has something to say about them but for the most part I ignore it and wear what I like. But there are definitely situations where I edit my choices to suit the situation.


    LOVE your pants! I do the exact same and then find I have a closet full of pants….and shoes 😉


    These are great. I love that you paired leopard print shoes with plaid pants! I just bought a skirt in similar material from Brooks Brothers and I’m definitely going to try a denim shirt with it 🙂



    leopard and plaid my two fav patterns, this outfit is perfect on you, so fun


    Love the power clashing between the plaid and leopard!

    x The Pretty Secrets

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