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Easter=Pastels, ever since I was a child that has always been the case when selecting the perfect Easter outfit. I have ventured from this as an adult but today’s post is coming full circle. I found this fabulous faux leather pencils skirt at Reitmans when I was searching for my perfect denim picks. I couldn’t resist it and at $40 it was the perfect price point. I just mixed my pastels and have the perfect Easter outfit.

Easter outfit featuring pastels.

Reitmans faux leather skirt, Easter outfit

Pastel Colour Block Skirt 3

Outfit Details: Skirt, Reitmans || Sweater, JCrew (old, similar and like this option) || Coat, Sisley (old, love this one & this one) || Shoes, Ferragamo (old, similar, great blush option here) || Handbag, Kate Spade (old)

Someone had commented on how my “Paris” look from yesterday’s post (found here) was perfect for a casual Easter outfit. I decided to share the outfit with you again. The colour combination is exactly the same (as is the coat), if it works re-use, re-use, re-use. See here for further evidence of me using this pastel pink, blue and cream combination.

Reitmans Pastel Pink Jeans


Outfit Details: Coat, Sisley (old) || Sweater, Ann Taylor (old) || Blouse, Brooks Brothers || Jeans, Reitmans c/o (similar here, here & here) || Shoes, Ferragamo (here) || Handbag, Mulburry (old)

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  4 Responses to “Easter Outfit Pastels”


    two amazing outfits, Easter and pastels can it get any better? Well yes if we had the temperatures to match right. Welcome back



    your’e right – nice Easter outfit. i like especially the first bag.

    🙂 A.


    Iva, skirt and sweater outfit saved me for overspending for Nikola Confirmation, I got so many compliments for a skirt and combination of the colors. I always suggest your blog if some of my friends tell me that they do not know what to wear or where to buy things. Keep up with your posts as You do wonderful job helping us to look good.


      Thank you so much for that wonderful compliment! I love to hear those stories and I’m not going to lie I hope your friends come and visit my site.

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