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My favourite local boutique, Carriage Trade, carries Gerry Weber pieces. I love the cut and styling of the line. It’s one of those lines that you want to see the entire offering because you know that you’re not seeing all of the fabulous things it has to offer. Now here’s why I love the line so much:

“GERRY WEBER offers a unique blend of fashion, lifestyle and customer experience under one roof. Designed with a woman´s body in mind, GERRY WEBER´s contemporary design provides women 30+ with premium style-conscious offerings without making a compromise to the brand´s high standards of quality. The GERRY WEBER store carries four fashion brands housed under the GERRY WEBER entity – GERRY WEBER, GERRY WEBER EDITION, GERRY WEBER ACCESSORIES and TAIFUN – each with a distinct look and feel, designed with a certain woman in mind.”

A brand that openly courts women over 30! I just can’t get enough of that.

I am excited to announce that yesterday Gerry Weber opened up it’s flagship store in Yorkdale, with seven more stores slated to open in Ontario this year. With the launch of this new story Gerry Weber is hosting giveaways and offering discounts to its Yorkdale shoppers this weekend (March 26-29).

Stop by, try on some of the pieces and let me know what you think. Pretty sure you already know I’m a big fan.


Gerry Weber discount Gerry Weber


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    We used to stock Gerry Weber. They produce some great pieces that are really well made. It depends on the buying. If you have a great in store buyer then the lines can be fabulous. I still have many Gerry Weber/ Taifun items hanging in my wardrobe. H xx

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