Apr 212015

I’ve been going to the gym regularly. I hate going to the gym, I don’t like to workout but I understand the importance of exercise. Right now my workout regime consists of lots of cardio and some weights. My secret to cardio consistency is easy I watch episodes of The Newsroom and The Wire while I’m doing it. I finished The Newsroom and I am on season 5 of The Wire, I actually look forward to the workouts so I can watch the next episode, hey whatever works right? Anyone else have secrets to getting through their workouts?

Bench Canada 1

Something else that makes the workouts bearable is stylish attire. I love the addition of perforated panels to work out leggings, these Bench Canada ones are not very sheer and have a great texture. Once you have the basics it’s nice to have options. These leggings have lots of stretch in them so you may have to go down a size. Bonus for me is that they are highvwaisted.

Bench Canada also has a great selection of hoodies and shirts to complete any workout outfit. I select greys and blacks that could easily be styled with brighter colours or perfect pastels.

Bench Canada 3

Bench Canada 4

Outfit c/o Bench Canada.

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    I actually gave up my gym membership & workout at home. It’s so much more freeing. I like to do workout videos from my DVD collection. If I get bored of those I use the youtube app on my tablet to stream workout videos. There are so many on youtube that I can’t get through them all. There are always new ones popping up.


      I am going to try and get up early and do some workouts from home too. Thank you for the youtube suggestion Hazel.


    netflix on the treadmill or elliptical ( but that was when I was working out) darn I need to get back to it.

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