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Recently there was a story about a woman wearing a white blouse and black trousers to work every day. It is her work uniform, easy to wear, no stress and always looks professional. Many of us have a uniform for work, play and everything in between. I think uniforms are a great idea and an easy way to always look your best. When I looked at these photos it struck me how similar this outfit was to that of the woman in the story, Matilda Kahl, but also something most women in the Western world have worn at one time or another.

I couldn’t wear this “outfit” every day but I did wear it to a meeting this week because it is easy and professional. One woman in the meeting asked me how I always looked so fresh and put together (I don’t, drive by my house in the morning when I’m with the kids waiting for the bus to see if it’s a fresh day or not). It doesn’t always come easy I told her but I have my reason why I usually try (especially when I am meeting with potential clients): If I don’t have 5 or 10 minutes to invest in myself, why would a stranger or anybody else invest 5 or 10 minutes of their time in me?

My mother instilled this mantra in me without her knowing it. She always took pride in her appearance, she got up every morning before her shift at Hiram Walker and took time for herself. She did her hair applied a bit of make up and put on her work uniform (t-shirt and jeans/dark pants). When I had my first child she always told me to take some time for myself regardless of anything else going on. She knew that this would be the time women start taking the back seat for their families and some never come back to the driver’s seat. She NEVER wanted her daughter to feel less than even when I was feeling less than. She also understood the power of clothing and so did many Croatian women I knew growing up (my teta/aunt Jela knew the power of shoes). I see these women sporadically when I go home to Windsor and they still look great, most of them are in their 60s and are grandmothers but that pride is there. A pride built on hard work (usually on a factory floor), a love of family and time for themselves.

Black Trim Blouse 1

Black Trim Blouse 2

Black Trim Blouse 3

Black Trim Blouse 4

These pants are amazing! A relaxed work pant with an elastic band.

Outfit Details – Shirt, Express (old but they keep on bringing it back here) || Pants, Ann Taylor (here) || Shoes, Express (old but brought back this season here) || Handbag – Gucci (here) || Bracelet, Citrus Silver (here)

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    love your work uniform


    What a classic and chic outfit! In particular, I love the black piping on the blouse, which really makes it stand out from the crowd.

    When I read about that woman wearing the same outfit every day to work, I thought “poor thing”! I love to play around with clothes and create new outfits — it’s a way of being creative and I love both the process and the end result, trying to outdo myself. I get the most satifscation from creating an on-trend look from items that are several years’ old! 😉 Also, the clothes reflect who I am as a person and also what kind of day I’m having — they are actually a great visual aid for the people I meet!

    Like you, I think it’s important to make an effort before one leaves the house in the morning, both for myself and for the people around me. I don’t show people respect — nor look professional and am respectful to myself — if I walk around in sweat pants and trainers all day.

    Anett | Tall Girl’s Fashion

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