Jun 042015

I LOVE culottes and I have found another pair to add to my collection, these white culottes from WHBM. They are linen so they can get wrinkled and I don’t care.

White Culottes

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Soft drape beach stripe culottes

sleeveless top


White Culottes, WHBM (here, for those who hate linen because it wrinkles these are a perfect alternative, black here) || Top, WHBM (this colour not available online but white option here, or other option here) || Necklace, WHBM (sold out on-line but love this one) || Shoes, Jimmy Choo (old, options here and here)

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    I love my culottes as well and just made a post about them today! I love the pinstripe in yours, though linen is a pain in the bottom — I feel I have to iron my linen garments after every wear, no matter how short it has been (eg wearing a linen shirt from the hotel to the beach and back while on holiday) as I’m not too keen on the ruffled look. I should learn to live with this look, though, as it looks pretty cool on people on safari! Mum always said it was expensive wrinkles, so they were acceptable. 😉

    Anett | Tall Girl’s Fashion


    you look amazing, I may just have to break down and try this again.

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