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I have been 40 for a few months now and I have been coping very well. What I have noticed as I age is that society doesn’t appreciate women as we age and that I will discuss further at a later date. Now because I turned 40 I had the honour of being featured on the blog Fabulous after 40 as a Styleblazer (you can read the post here). Deborah features loads of other amazing bloggers and their style after they hit that 40 milestone.

What I wanted to share was what I wore for my 40th celebrating with family and friends in Windsor, ON. My home town and a great place to grow up. A classic LBD and a fringe kimono.

Falling into Style Fashion Blog

Falling into Style Fashion Blog

Falling into Style Fashion Blog

Falling into Style Fashion Blog


Outfit Details: Dress, Banana Republic (old) || Kimono, Reitman’s (old) || Shoes, Express (here)

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  5 Responses to “LBD for 40”


    Iva, You look great and def Fab at 40!


    You look fabulous! Never would have guessed you’re 40 – and your style is impeccable.


    Love this look on you Iva! Hope your Birthday Celebrations are making your 40th a great year 🙂


    You look great. I enjoy reading your blog. Honestly I believe it is us women over 40 who don’t appreciate ourselves. What I mean we( including myself) keep announcing that we hit our 40 like it is an unfortunate event. I don’t see men doing it, do you? I hear so many negative comments from women about turning 40. When we doubt ourselves, we should not expect better from others. That is what I think
    Well Put Together


    you look amazing as always

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