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The newest season of Cityline has started and I am on today. I thought for today’s post I would feature the outfit I wore and am sharing the outfits I posted and the tips I gave. First up is the outfit I wore for my fall preview.

Sleeveless Coat WHBM

Icon Blouse WHBM

Sleeveless Coat WHBM

70s Vibe

Outfit Details : Sleeveless Coat, WHBM (c/o, here) || Blouse, WHBM (c/o, here) || Jeans, LOFT (c/o, here) || Shoes, Stuart Weitzman (old, similar here & here)


As parents we get consumed in BTS (back to school) with our children but we still have to go to work (whether in the home or to the office) once the children go to school.

Tip 1 – Before we get to the style tips I wanted to start with a time saving tip that we’ve all heard – pick out your outfit the night before. This will save you time the next morning because you already committed to what you’re wearing and now can focus on getting the kids out the door.



Tip 2 – Third Piece Rule. If you notice in-store displays like the ones found in Banana Republic, JCrew or Gap you will see this strictly followed on mannequins – outfits are comprised of 3 pieces (not including your shoes). Your top is the first piece, your bottom is the second piece and your third piece is the extra that makes the outfit such as a jacket, blazer, sweater, vest, scarf or statement accessory. This third piece makes an ordinary outfit look polished and put together.

Outfit Details: Blouse, WHBM || Trousers, WHBM || Jacket, WHBM || Shoes, Guilhermina (here)



Tip 3 – Dressing in Three Colours – The basic premise here is not wearing more then three colours in one outfit. The goal again is to achieve a visually appealing outfit easily.

-Black and white are technically not colours so when working with these shades you have some flexibility, for example, you can wear four colours if one of them is white.
-A patterned piece counts as one colour and to keep things easy select a colour from the print and match another piece of your outfit to it or match your accessories.
A few of my favourite colour combinations are:
– camel, red, black & white
– navy blue & white and then any one of these four colours red, green, yellow or orange
– robin’s egg blue, red & white
– grey, navy & white

Outfit Details: Cardigan, LOFT || Skirt, LOFT || Blouse, WHBM || Necklace, LOFT || Shoes, Guilhermina



Tip 4 – Weekend Uniform. Kids don’t stop on the weekend and many children have organized activities during the weekend. Start with your key piece, for me this season it has to be leggings. Now add a top, fashion trainers and your third piece. The following week I’ll still be in my leggings but I will switch out my shoes for booties a long sweater and vest.

Outfit Details: Long Vest, Banana Republic || Long Sleeve “Beautiful” Tee, Banana Republic (here) || Leggings, Reitmans || Boots, ALDO || Trainers, Sketchers

I hope everyone is having a great BTS!

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    three great outfits plus the one you are wearing.


    Absolutely beautiful! I love this brand, the pants are a marvel, but the collar really makes me mad! Excellent idea of combining a simple denim jacket, this look I love it!


    Love the sleeveless coat Iva – I picked up one similar this fall. Love the 3rd piece rule – especially now that it is cooling off.

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