Oct 052015

I’m having one of those months that has spilled into October. Here’s the rundown:

  • – When we were showering (or washing dishes, face etc) the hot water would suddenly go cold (plumbing issue).
  • – Downstairs fridge wasn’t working (unplugged it, defrosted fridge and all good).
  • – Under mount sink came “unglued” (I hope I am explaining this properly) from our countertop. Now only half of it was hanging off, my in-laws happened to be over and they fixed it.
  • – One of the elements on my stove wasn’t working, I called a repair man and he proceeded to shatter my ceramic countertop along all four of the elements. Best part is that it takes at least 2 weeks to order a new one and I am still waiting for mine.
  • – Lastly, I did the iPhone IOS 9 update and my touchpad stopped working sporadically and now doesn’t work at all. I can’t use my phone and all my contacts have been wiped out. I can tell that because I still get notifications of texts, no names just phone numbers. Best part is I can’t get it fixed till Thursday.


Honestly though it could be a lot worse. We’re all healthy and these problems are easily fixed. My only issue is why can’t I sprinkle them through out the year? Why all at once?

Black & White

Outfit Details: Shirt, WHBM (here) || Cropped Sweater, WHBM (here) || Pants, Banana Republic (old, similar here) || Shoes, Banana Republic (old)

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 October 5, 2015  Posted by on October 5, 2015

  8 Responses to “Proof of Life”


    sorry about your month but I love the outfit


    When it rains it pours Iva but at least your camera still works!


    When it rains it pours. It is a very very sad reality of life. But, Thanksgiving is around the corner and I always say at least I have a roof over my head. I think that always puts things into perspective for me when it feels like everything is going wrong in my life. *hugs



    Doesn’t it always seem to go like that? Our washing machine broke down recently and cost a fortune to repair. Obviously we can’t really live without it but would much rather be using the money for something a bit more exciting….I. e. New shoes!! Xx


    Loved Your Look! Truly pretty outfit..

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