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The Christmas season is upon us and that means spending time with family and friends, parties and gift giving. Today’s post I’m partnering with Lampe Berger and reviewing their newest line Parfum Berger – a lovely glass cube filled with fragrance, topped with a bouquet of black sticks. This product makes a great hostess, teacher, stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift and retails for $25. It looks like a pretty perfume bottle, similar to a few I already own, which I love. The elegant shape of the bottle will easily go with any decor or room in your home.

Lampe Berger

I bought a new side table (and added a mirror on top because I didn’t like the top of the table) and hadn’t been inspired on how to stage it. Parfum Berger inspired me to create a cozy corner in my living room. It’s inviting and smells so pretty.

Once you unscrew the cap* you can add or decrease the fragrance according to the amount of sticks you use. Each box contains the cube filled with 125ml of fragrance and 8 black sticks for scent diffusion. I placed my cube in my living/dining area so I used all 8 sticks. The scent is very intense for the first few days but I needed to fill the room with the lovely aroma and after three days it was just perfect. If you are using it for a smaller room I would use five sticks or less.

The sticks are made with an engineered polymer so they won’t discolour the fragrance. My pictures were taken after 9 days of using the cube and the fragrance is as clear as the first day I opened it.



You can refill the cube by purchasing one of the scented bouquet refills which are 200ml as well. Easily reactivate the sticks by turning them over. The fragrance will last continuously over several weeks diffusing through capillary action. As Canadians, we spend close to 90% of our time inside; at home, at work and in recreational environments. It’s nice to walk into a room and have it smell pretty.

Choose from a collection of 10 fragrances. There really is something for everyone:

Ocean Breeze
Zest of Verbena
Vanilla Gourmet
Orange Cinnamon
Soap Memories
Amber Powder
Virginia Cedarwood
Provence Treats
Paris Chic
Precious Jasmine

For more information on the new Parfum Berger line by Lampe Berger , visit their website here. While I was enjoying the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District I saw Lampe Berger products in Bergo Designs boutique, including the Parfum Berger line. I love to see great pairings.

*My boys used the silver cap as a mini hockey puck and it was lost during their game. I don’t even know who won.

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