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Recently Jean Machine invited me to shop their Sherway Gardens store to find #PerfectPairPromise. Armed with a gift card I was set to find mine. Jean Machine is one of a select Canadian retail chain stores that carries one of my favourite brands – Yoga Jeans. I knew that I wanted a new pair and was hoping to pick up a basic dark blue skinny leg. I purchased a boot cut pair last year and my skinnies are wearing out in the knees.

I put myself in the hands of Jean Machine staff and let them style me. My height always limits my options and I was happy that the staff recommended the Yoga Jeans right away without me prompting them. They asked what type of rise I liked, I prefer high but would also try medium and style of leg – skinny please!  They selected 3 different pairs, various tops, toppers and accessories. I even found a dress I wanted to try – I was looking for jeans and didn’t even think about dresses in Jean Machine. Sometimes we limit our experience in stores and this time my eyes were wide open. I looked around the store and was really happy with what they selected. I wouldn’t have chosen all the items but that’s the best part. We have an idea of what we like and can be limited by that. This time I wasn’t limited by my own bias.

For those not familiar with Yoga Jeans you will need to go down at least one size, maybe even two. These jeans have lots of stretch – I wear a 28 in most and even have a 27 in one style. I also love that Yoga Jeans plays to my vanity.

Jean Machine

The rouching on this dress is placed perfectly and the asymmetrical hem shows the right amount of leg. I LOVED this vest. I selected this outfit and it came home with me. Not part of the exercise for jeans but I couldn’t leave this behind.


The first pair I tried on were these grey ones (here). I loved them going in and was meh when I came out. Maybe if they were darker.

Jean Machine

The dark grey ripped jeans wowed me as did the knit cat and basic black top (here). I really liked this look.

Yoga Jeans

These are an indigo wash and I loved them as well. The blue is almost a navy colour (here). The only miss of the entire experience was the top underneath (which you can’t see), it was just too tight for me.  After trying everything on the ripped jeans were just calling my name. The entire staff agreed that they liked the ripped jeans best on me and I went home with them along with the faux fur vest and dress. I am holiday and winter ready with Jean Machine.

I also joined (for free) the Jean Machine Preferred customer club. I received a discount on my purchase (spent over the gift card and didn’t mind since the store was full of great stuff) and can’t wait to find out more about their upcoming sales and promos. I have a little  promo for you as well!! Jean Machine has created a 20% promo code for my readers, which is “perfectpair”, so they too can find their perfect pair! A little gift in time for Christmas and the New Year. Enjoy! I may be using it as well for that last pair I tried on…


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    Didn’t you say your old skinnies were wearing out at the knees! ha. I do like that dress and vest on you.


    Nice blog and Article.


    loving that final outfit.

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