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This is an extra London post – I didn’t plan on writing about shoes but after thinking about all the walking we did during the morning, afternoon and night this year (and last) I had to write a quick post on it. I’m sure that my friends at won’t mind. We all need comfortable shoes.

Last year I did not pack a pair of trainers or a brand of shoes that are known for comfort and that was a mistake. After the first day our feet were hurting and I had made the mistake of wearing a pair of booties with a high chunky heel (in my defence we were not supposed to be doing much walking but somehow that all changed). Nicole and I were so over our footwear that we scoured London for a pair of fashionable and comfortable pair of trainers but they were sold out or didn’t have our size at every store we went to. I was not going to make the same mistake this year.

Sometimes timing is everything – Geox had launched their Nebula line a week before I was leaving to London and had invited media to a launch event and gifted us a pair. I chose a black leather pair that would go with everything I was packing.




Lots of colours and patterns to choose from.

I wore these shoes on the plane, Friday (our first day there) and Sunday. There are several great features for this shoe – they are light, flexible, stability, grip and have the Geox breathability technology. The back of the shoe folds down so they are perfect for air travel, when your foot swells you can wear them like mules. They offer shoes that you can lace or ones with elasticized bands that make them slip ons. The slip ons are obviously easy to put on and that is a nice option. What I learned about the slip ons is that after a full day or wearing them and walking round they were very snug on the top of my foot so I simply wore them like mules. This happens whenever I wear shoes for a long time, the top of my foot huts and all shoes are uncomfortable. When I wear trainers with laces I have to loosen the laces.


While I was at Geox I also spied these Twinka ankle boots in nude/blush and I got them. My ankle boots at home were not made for walking – no support and definitely no breathability technology. I wore them all day Saturday and on the plane ride home. They have quickly become my favourite ankle boots for their comfort but also for their colour and design. I have had countless people stop me to ask me where I got them, if you are interested and want to learn more they are here.

Ron White

I also wanted to post about these Ron White heels, a Canadian shoe designer who also has retail stores. Ron White was named Independent Retailer of the Year by Conde Nast in 2011 (a Canadian first) and was inducted into the Sheridan College of Business Hall of Fame in 2007. These blush heels are a great shape, design and are a comfortable heel. I wore them Sunday night to Berners Tavern (we walked and took the tube) and I wasn’t in any pain when we got back to the hotel. They are a 3 inch heel and they weren’t slipping off my feet. This blush tone goes with everything and when travelling it eliminates the need for several pairs of shoes.

The older I get I need to have function fused with style when I am travelling through Europe and dong a lot of walking. All the above shoes achieved my needs.

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