May 042016

I have been holding on to these beautiful pieces of jewelry, from Michael Hill, for longer then I thought I would – they arrived at my home during a very busy time and just as I was hit with some sad news. I hadn’t even opened the boxes. I had selected 3 pretty and classic pieces of jewelry that I know I will have for years to come. It seems fitting that I start wearing these pretty pieces in time for Mother’s Day but more importantly my birthday. I am turning 40+1.


I don’t do gift guides but any of these pieces would be perfect for Mom. Pretty without breaking the bank…save your money for something really big at Michael Hill for those memorable moments like turning 40. I suggest diamonds – no shocker there.


I selected a pair of gold studs, an arrow bracelet and a pair of hoop earrings for this partnership.


This Arrow Bracelet is the trendiest piece of the group but it reminds me how important it is for me to hit my target…even though there are so many times I feel like I’ll never hit that bullseye professionally or personally. I wouldn’t want my children to stop trying to so I’m not going to let myself stop either.


I have a large collection of stud earrings that are costume jewelry, I needed to complete my collection with these yellow gold ones.


Hoop Earrings are another classic – not as big as my Jenny from the Block days – but something I can wear and give to my daughter when she gets older.



What’s your favourite piece?

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    the bracelet it so dainty, love it

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