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I dislike Saturday shopping. There I said it. I know that lots of you do as well. However, when First Canadian Place and Exchange Tower recently invited me to shop their centre to get gifts for my family I was intrigued to learn more as their holiday slogan reads “Saturday Shopping without the Shoppers”. Saturday shopping is one (unappealing) thing especially thinking about the holiday rush that usually comes along with it. They promised me it would be different. You see the shopping centre is not usually open on Saturdays so they were opening for those of us who live, work or play in downtown Toronto. Then there were the perks:

  1. Free Parking
  2. Free Coat & Parcel Check
  3. Free Gift Wrapping
  4. Free interactive photo booth

First Canadian Place and Exchange Tower delivered on it’s promise, it is a very calm, adult and civilized way to spend a Saturday shopping. The calm happy photo you see of me was taken Saturday Shopping! I picked up lunch, had my coffee(s) and shopped for my husband…


He recently purchased a few new suits and I had to update his accessories for his new threads.


Then there were the kids…electronics…lots and lots of fun electronics…


and last but not least something for me…



To recap, First Canadian Place and Exchange Tower will be open Saturdays until December 17th from 11 am to 5 pm. You can shop over 90 stores, personal care services and restaurants and enjoy all the free perks exclusively for Saturday shopping without the shoppers! I’ll remind you what they are

  • – Free Parking
  • – Free Gift Wrapping
  • – Free Coat & Parcel Check
  • – Free Holiday Photo Booth

Stay tuned for my next post showing what I selected for holiday gift giving!

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