Nov 272016

It’s a good question and one I feel I want to answer for those of you wondering what happened. I took a bit of a blogging break for several reasons. When I started this blog it was for fun and to help other moms figure out what to wear after baby. The End. Well not quite anymore. Here’s what I’ve been up to :

  1. Cityline – I have been averaging 2 tv segments a month on Canada’s #1 Lifestyle program Cityline. Those two segments can take up to a full week (or more) to complete. I LOVE doing them.
  2. The Shopping Channel – Every three months (since April) I have been on The Shopping Channel (Canada’s QVC). It is a full day of filming and lots of prep time to get TV ready.
  3. The Family – I don’t even need to elaborate
  4. Friends – See explanation for #3
  5. Housework – I don’t have any staff so it’s just me, the husband and I’ll pretend the kids always listen and clean up after themselves.
  6. Feeling overwhelmed – and this has been the biggest one. I have taken on a lot of TV and have been trying to work on my Instagram account and blogging became less of a priority. This is going to change. I am going to be working with a photographer so look for more content at a professional level. I am really excited about this and hoping our first session goes well.

Thank you for following along and I am hoping that you’ll like what you see. Below are a few photos showing that I’m alive and well. Follow me on Instagram to see proof of life @ivagrbesic.







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    Amazing girl!!!

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