Dec 142016


Winter white is a favourite of mine during these cold months. The first thing about wearing winter white is getting over the fact that you can and most likely will get dirty. So what? Wear the fabulous outfit and enjoy. I am wearing a truly chic Picadilly set – coat and dress. You can find it on sale here.


One issue I have with winter white is that it can show everything. This set is thick and textured so no worries about underthings being exposed. Just remember wearing nude or pink under pinnings.


I love wearing black and/or gold with winter white. Winter white has a creaminess to it that warms up against those colours.


Photos by Miriam Massei

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  2 Responses to “Winter White with Picadilly”


    For me the beautiful brooch makes the outfit. Was wondering if you could share where you picked up the piece from and how much you paid? Thank you!


      Hi Maliha, it was a birthday gift from my sisters. They got it at Chanel. Sorry I don’t know how much it cost but around $500 is an average.

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