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I’ve told you before that I have good hair – it’s thick, can hold a curl or colour, easy to style and grows fast. Now I’ve been colouring it for decades and I’m not afraid to change it up (blonde to dark brown without a flutter of fear) but all that changing it up has also caused damage to my hair. There has been a lot of breakage with my hair so it was perfect timing that I started a partnership with Sassoon Toronto.

I talked to my stylist Lorraine and colourist Kamilla and told them I was open to ALMOST anything (I’m not going pink/silver/really short). Kamilla wanted to address my breakage and told me I should go back to my roots.

So ta da…




There were several inches cut off and I had a demi-permanent colour added. This is what I learned about demi-permanent colour:

-Demi-permanent colouring is more gentle on hair, as it has no ammonia, only colour deposits.
– It adds tons of moisture and shine to hair.
– Balances out any dryness from previous colour and bleach.
– Lower maintenance – has a softer regrowth.

I am really happy with the colour. I’ll be visiting Sassoon Toronto every month and getting my hair cut/coloured/highlighted as well as the occasional blow-dry and style.

If you are looking for a new stylist check out Sassoon (I’ve linked the Toronto salon) or follow them on Instagram @SassoonToronto. We can look fabulous together.

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    Back to your roots! Looking good. Maybe a little a pink next visit?

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