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Oscar Viewing Party Decor

COLOUR PALETTE: Black and Gold

FLORALS: White Hydrangeas and Greenery

DECOR: Black linens, white crisp china, gold flatware (if you have it, if not silverware is great), stemless wineglasses

oscar viewing party

When Nicole and I were discussing the decor for the party we agreed that we were going to use what we had for serving the food and drinks. This was not about buying new dishes, stemware or platters. Hosting an Oscar Viewing Party was not going to cause unnecessary stress or debt. Nicole served the food and drinks with items she already owned – she had this beautiful orange tray (pictured above) for the drinks, a slate platter (pictured below) for the chocoterie platter, white platters and bowl for the rest of the food, and glasses we had in our cupboards. For vases we used a medium sized vase I had from home for the larger arrangement and a stemless wine glass for the smaller arrangement.

We served the Vodka Mudshakes in little milk bottles that we had from a previous project. You don’t have to use milk bottles. You can use martini glasses or champagne flutes. Use what you have in different and fun ways. If you are interested we purchased the milk bottles from a party supply store, but I have seen them in the dollar store as well.

Oscar Viewing Party 1

We did purchase the black and gold napkins, black gift bags for the swag bags, gold tissue paper and the straws at a party store. I love to scrapbook so I already had the paper and fabric flowers and the black confetti. We placed the flowers and confetti on the table and orange tray to add a bit of drama to the table scape. In the above outline we called for black linens, I picked up the smaller gold ones as accent pieces and they’re great for drinks or dessert.


Miriam Massei-5249

For the flowers Loblaws had 3 bunches for $20. We selected 2 bunches of hydrangeas and one bunch of green berries (I don’t know the technical term). Nicole and I asked for help on the arrangement and the florist told us that creating a floral arrangement with these items would be fool proof which I quickly responded with “Challenge Accepted!”. She told us to cut the flowers on an angle and keep the arrangement tight and that was it.

While Nicole was cooking I was creating the floral arrangements. We knew we needed two – a small one and a large one. I had several vases to choose from and what I quickly learned was I needed vases with a smaller openings to keep the flowers bunched – square, rectangular or cylindrical vases would not do. I didn’t have a small vase that worked so Nicole suggested I use one of the stemless wine glasses.


I used one of the leaves from hydrangea to cover the stems in the smaller arrangement because I didn’t cut the stems equal lengths and it looked funny. This makes the arrangement look more “professional” and covers my mistake.


Below is the large floral arrangement.



I created the arrangements in minutes and will be creating simple and elegant arrangements like the ones above for years to come. The florist was right – they really are fool proof.

Tomorrow we’re talking about food and drinks.

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