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I love watching the Oscars. I think I love watching for the same reason you do – first it’s the fashion (no surprise there), all those beautiful gowns on full display for all to see; second it’s celebrating great films and the performances they inspire. Before all the kids I hosted several Oscar viewing parties with my girlfriends.

I forgot how much I enjoyed these Oscar viewing parties. Getting all my friends together so we could just enjoy each others company and enjoy all the drama of the night. I would even have an Oscar pool – you can find print outs online. When my girlfriend Nicole approached me with the idea of co-hosting an Oscar party I was all in. The best part of co-hosting a party with Nicole is that she’s an events planner and the principal of Bisou Events. She has planned events for Hudson’s Bay, TIFF and most recently Sundance with some of the biggest celebrities. Nicole already had the concept for the party and I helped her bring it to life.

Below is our Oscar Viewing Party Plan. We’re both mothers and entrepreneurs so that means limited time stretched way too thin. We’ve planned a simple and chic party that anyone could recreate with a very reasonable budget. Remember use what you have – this isn’t a make work project. For example, if you don’t like black and gold select colours you like. I’ll be posting our ideas all week and we wanted to welcome you to the party!


THEME: Comfortably Chic

COLOUR PALETTE: Black and Gold

FLORALS: White Hydrangeas and Greenery

DECOR: Black linens, white crisp china, gold flatware (if you have it, if not silverware is great), stemless wineglasses

MUSIC: Oscar-winning songs

FOOD AND BEVERAGE: A “glam’ed up” version of simple food with lots of “Fake It Don’t Make It” mixed in.

1. Truffle parmesan popcorn
2. Devilled eggs topped with caviar
3. Gorgonzola and Fig Crostini
4. Pre-made appetizers (President’s Choice)
5. For dessert, a “chocoterie” platter – various types of chocolates and chocolate desserts displayed on a board
6. Vodka Mudshake, wine pairings and Voss Sparkling Water

FASHION: Comfortable chic outfits


Miriam Massei-5395

Miriam Massei-5320


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