Feb 242017

Going with our theme we dressed comfortably chic thanks to Joe Fresh!

Miriam Massei-5331

Miriam Massei-5354

Miriam Massei-5397

Miriam Massei-5403

Nicole works events, She needs to be able to move but also look chic. This floral print shirt dress  delivers. She layered this light cardigan on top and is ready to be the perfect hostess. Nicole can also pair this shirtdress with leather leggings for added comfort and warmth.

Miriam Massei-5300

Miriam Massei-5291

I opted for this floral dress and layered a thin knit lilac sweater over it. It’s February in Toronto so you never know. I like the feminine details and it’s making me feel like spring is around the corner.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our ideas for creating a comfortably chic Oscar viewing party. If you don’t use these ideas this weekend keep them in mind for next time.

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