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A few weeks ago I was invited by Caryl Baker Visage to their Sherway Gardens location to experience a Power Hyaluronic Facial. I’ve included the infographic below. It summarizes what this facial entails perfectly.


What it can’t tell you is about the experience. Let me explain, I enjoy a good facial but up until now the only ones I’ve had are in downtown Toronto. They have been great (my skin felt amazing) and expensive and I always leave a bit angry. Whenever I go the aestheticians tell me how poor my skin is and how I need to book my next facial right away and take care of my skin better and buy all their products. OK then…so I never go back. There is some truth to what they are saying but my skin is never as bad as the aesthetician says. It’s not only in downtown Toronto, same thing happened to a friend of mine who had a facial in an upscale spa in Windsor. I don’t understand how anyone would think I would want to come back.

At Caryl Baker Visage I received my facial which was amazing. There are Caryl Baker locations everywhere (I used to go to the Devonshire Mall location in Windsor when I was younger) so many of us in Ontario have access to great facials at reasonable prices. There was no up sell. The aesthetician provided my facial, talked about the other services and we discussed my skin. There were things I asked about she said I didn’t need to bother spending money on and recommended a few things to me. Done.

That impressed me so I have booked my next facial – Birthday present to myself.

I was also treated to a full makeup application, eyebrow waxing and eyebrow and lash tinting. The eyebrow and eyelash tinting I am doing again right before I head out on vacation.


Caryl Baker Visage is a one stop shop for your beauty product and service needs. With the Power Hyaluronic Facial you can get your makeup done and your skin is glowing underneath. You still have the glow for the next two days and if you want you could get this facial every week. The facial leaves your skin feeling hydrated and I thought gave me a dewey glow. I have combinations skin and it just felt beautiful.


My makeup features product from Caryl Baker Visage Coastal Collection – corals and deep blues are featured.



I was gifted the Caryl Baker H2O Restore product line. I have been using this line for months and had purchased Hydrating Gel recently because I love how it feels on my skin. It’s a line I can get behind. There is no over powering smell with the products, it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. It’s not oily and there are several products from the line for you to choose from.


I learned that if you own bronzer it can be used as a contour.


As a blogger and social media influencer (don’t I sound fancy) I get invited to lots of things but I wanted to share services and products I would actually (and have) purchase(d). I can see why Caryl Baker Visage has been around for so long.


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