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My hair journey has taken another turn with Sassoon Toronto. With this new year I went back to my roots and darkened my hair as close to my natural colour as possible. I love dark hair for the winter months, plus my hair needed a break from the bleach highlights that helped me become a blonde. I knew I would go back to blonde and decided that this last appointment was a good a time as any.

My colourist Tara talked me through my various options when going blonde and then she told me her plan – warm blonde highlights, a half head with lighter blonde highlights around my crown. A great change for the summer months but in keeping with the warm brunette tones I had selected with my last visit. I have a great respect for colourists and hair stylists – when they tell me what they think I go with their advice. It’s their job to know.


When I was finished getting my highlights I received a repair hair treatment. With the use of styling appliances, a build up of styling products and over processing can result in damaged hair. Over processing, the use of styling appliances, and buildup from styling products can result in damaged hair. The Sassoon repair treatment fortifies the hair fiber, with significant improvement in strength and resilience from roots to ends, protecting it from future damage.

I was ecstatic with the colour Tara had selected and the final step was to get my hair cut by Wesley. He had laryngitis so I read my book and he concentrated on my hair. I love the cut I received last time, long layers that show off those easy curls, and Wesley trimmed it a bit and kept those long easy layers. The result was another great great experience at Sassoon Toronto.

I have been JOKINGLY called Becky and this Becky was happy.

Blouse – Banana Republic (here); Jeans – Banana Republic (not available in Canada, limited in US).

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