Jun 212017

pearl embellished jeans

I LOVE these jeans – pearl embellished jeans. I’ve worn them in my every day and then to functions and events. Functions and events with serious financial types. The men just look at my jeans and the women all come up to me to tell me who much they love them.

That’s what I love about clothing – the unexpected things that just work. Even when you think something is too much. It’s only clothes and we all need a bit of too much in our lives. The only annoying thing about these jeans is when you’re crossing your legs. The pearls start to hurt. I haven’t had to wash them and when I do I figure I’ll do that inside out and on delicate. Then hang to dry.

Outfit Details – Pearl Embellished Jeans, Banana Republic (sold out, same silhouette here, pearl embellished jeans here) || Blouse, Banana Republic (here, blue version here) || Shoes, Manolo Blahnik (here, upper mid versions here & mid range here) || Handbag, Dolce & Gahanna (here, black version here)




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