Sep 122017

I wore this green lace jumpsuit from Club Monaco (here, here & here) on Cityline last week. I love this jumpsuit. It’s the colour, a rich green and it’s lace. Green is also one of my favourite colours to pair with leopard print. I knew I would be wearing it with my leopard print pumps. I styled it with the jean jacket to make it a bit interesting. Plus I felt too exposed on air. lol.

What I also learned about this jumpsuit is that angles matter when taking photos in it. However, in a world full of photo shop it’s hard to see what’s real and what’s been altered. I look at my arm in the picture below and I wish it was thinner but then I have to check myself. I don’t want my daughter to feel like everything has to be thinner to be accepted or for it to be beautiful. I am not going to alter my appearance for more likes on social media. I will share my insecurities because we all have then. I will then get over my insecurity and show you how amazingly I styled this outfit. I WILL say I did a great job because I need to love myself and be my own champion.

I almost didn’t include this photo because of my arm. I wanted to share this with you because I know that there are lots of women who never feel beautiful or beautiful enough. I can’t champion you if I can’t be real with you.


Outfit Details – Jumpsuit, Club Monaco (here); Shoes, JCrew (old, like these); Jean Jacket, Gap (CA here, EU here, US here)


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