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You all know how much I love fashion and clothing. Now having said that I don’t have the easiest time finding clothes. I am a woman who is six feet tall. The average woman is 5’4″ and the average man is 5’9″. I am 8 inches taller then the average woman and 3 inches taller then the average man. I love my height but finding clothing can be difficult especially pants.

I’ve heard people say how models are tall. I am taller then most models. Well the clothing fits the models. It’s been pinned and altered for their bodies but clothing is made for women who are 5’4″ tall. Then some people will say they are always hemming pants – there is never an extra 2 let alone 4 inches for me to lengthen pants. You see my dilemma.

It’s my job to find clothing that fits my body but also help my readers and viewers find clothing that fits them. That’s why I’m so happy to partner with Reitmans for this post and introduce my tall followers to their Tall pants. A great selection of Tall Pants for work and for play.

I am wearing the Tall Original Comfort Straight Leg Jeans (here). This is a pull on pant with a thick band in a classic silhouette and is a dark denim (my favourite). This pant comes in sizes 24-38 Tall. That is AMAZING! Not just that it comes in tall but it comes in a great selection of sizes for tall. Reitman’s ENTIRE clothing collection comes in sizes 0-22 which is unusual to begin with but then add the fact that there is no Plus section and that’s almost unheard of. Reitmans made a decision to stop putting women in size boxes. If you want a specific top and you are a size 2, 10 or 20 all you have to do is ask for that top and you’ll find your size.

We still have sections in the store for Tall and Petite but I’m ok with that. Reitman’s also has a Petites and Ultra Petites pants.

Outfit from Reitmans – Pants, here; Top, here; Sweater, here; Scarf, here; Sunglasses here.


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    Ava I knew you were tall but not 6 feet tall. I can see why that would be a problem sometimes!


    I can totally relate, I am petite of course, but I know how frustrating it is to find good sizing. And hemming pants is an option, but the cut is totally off, it’s just not the same as petite. I know, at least I have an option. I like what Reitman’s is doing, but why on earth would they make the waist band elastic and wide. That’s pretty much maternity clothing. If it’s covered by a shirt that’s okay, but I can see the band one of your pics and it is no bueno. Sorry, that’s just my opinion. But I’ll be curious to see what other styles they have.


      Hi Vicky!
      I’ve been working with lots of clients that are doing the pull up pant. To be honest at first I wasn’t a fan of it because it reminded me of maternity clothing just as you stated. However, having worn so many of them they’re comfortable and look good. I agree that as long as their is choice for everyone (pull up vs no pull up) that’s all that matters. I’m also telling my petite women to hit the petite section for exactly what you stated above!

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