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If you have been a long time reader you know that I have good hair. It’s thick and grows quickly. It can hold a curl and I don’t have to wash it for at least 3 day. The texture of my hair has been off lately though. I went back to blonde in and spent my summer in Croatia where there was a heat wave and my hair paid the price, especially the hair on my forehead and around my crown. It’s coarse and there is lots of damage. That means it doesn’t feel thick and doesn’t look great.

I’ve used Viviscal (here) in the past with great results. My hair was thicker, texture smoothed out and all was fixed. Once we have fixed issues we think they are finished and stop using products. Then when the same issues re-appear we go back to the solution because we know it works. So here I am using Viviscal again but this time with a complete line of products from Viviscal, the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Range and as well the Viviscal Extra Strength supplements, which I was previously using (link here for the entire range).

Partnering with Vivscal to counter hair damage was a no brainer. What I didn’t expect was to try their new Densifying Gorgeous Growth range which includes a Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir. The entire product wetline was delivered and I was excited to try it but also apprehensive. I don’t have a lot of luck with shampoos. Most of them leave my hair very oily and slick. I’ve tried so many and only a handful work on my hair. The Densifying Gorgeous Growth Shampoo has a subtle smell, cleans very well and doesn’t leave my hair oily. The Densifying Gorgeous Growth Conditioner on my hair was a soft conditioner. I needed to use more then a quarter size for my hair. It doesn’t over condition for me and my oily hair was “dryer” then before. This was a welcome change.

The third part of the hair application process was the Densifying Gorgeous Growth Elixir. After you towel dry your hair you pump 1 or 2 (I used 2) drops into your hand and apply to towel dry hair. The Densifying Elixir smells really nice and left my hair smooth especially after styling.

Now I can’t forget about the Viviscal Extra Strength hair vitamin supplements. The results with the tablets was great. I had new hair growth around my crown and my hair felt thicker and again my hair dresser. The extra time in the salon chair proved it. The range and supplements work as a unique dual-action system, so you can achieve healthy hair growth from the inside, and thicker looking hair on the outside!

The added bonus was that my nails are stronger and are growing like bananas!! I’ve been asked already if my nails are fake. My nails were weak and split all the time. I have tried everything over the years and nothing worked until now. Now my nails are strong and I can grow them no problem.

I would recommend the Viviscal Densifying product line for those who are experiencing hair loss, thinning hair or hair that is changing due to the aging process. You hair and nails will thank you.

You can buy the Viviscal Densifying Gorgeous Growth Product line and the Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Supplements at Shoppers Drug Mart.

This is a sponsored post but all my opinions are my own.








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