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We all celebrate the big things, whether they be holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. These celebrations are attached to certain dates and there is a good amount of planning that goes into these celebrations. Today I’m celebrating the little things with Tostitos, the little wins for moms and dads – my two youngest boys emptied the dishwasher and filled it without being told, my oldest son wakes up every morning on his own and my daughter got the highest mark in her grade for a University of Waterloo Math competition.

These achievements don’t happen on a specific date but when they happen we all see reason to cheer. I didn’t take time planning something extravagant, I gathered my children, added in several of their friends, looked into my pantry and had help from Tostitos to make a regular PA day into a little nacho party. I din’t want to spend the entire time in the kitchen making everything. I wanted to get in on the fun and be silly with the kids. They are getting older and times like these will be fewer and fewer.

Tostitos provided the nachos, salsa, some decorations (that fell into some salsa when the kids were decorating) and a few easy recipes. I decided to make Cheesy Sriracha and Cauliflower Nachos Recipe (online here) because I had cauliflower, Sriracha and shredded cheese in my fridge. It was easy to make and I would have never thought about added cauliflower to any nacho recipe.

The kids loved the nachos especially my picky daughter. One more recipe to add to the arsenal.

We also discovered new favourite nacho chips and the consensus was we loved Tostitos Hint of Jalapeño Tortilla Chips and Tostitos Rolls Tortilla Chips.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to celebrate the little things, those small wins, head to (here). Tostitos has a whole section on its website dedicated to recipes (here) and offer you options – sweet to savoury, apps and desserts, they have something for whatever mood you’re in. I’ve already found several ones I plan on trying.

This post is sponsored by Tostitos. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.



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