Dec 152017
Getting My Holiday Shopping Done with

It’s the holiday season and for all of us that means shopping and presents – from toys, electronics and clothing to decor and the food I’ll be serving while entertaining. The average Canadian is planning to spend approximately $1400 celebrating this holiday season so every dollar saved counts! For my family and I the holidays [Read more…]

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Dec 142017
A Red Sweater - 80s Style

When I first put this red sweater on it reminded me of the 80s. Big shoulders and sleeves. My mother used to rock sweaters like this and I’m just continuing the legacy. Outfit Details – Sweater, Ann Taylor (here, other great options here, here, here) || Skirt, Marks & Spencer || Shoes, Manolo Blahnik || Handbag, [Read more…]

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Dec 122017
It's a neutral Day - Grey, Cream and Camel

I take my pictures in batches – my photographer and I meet for a period of time and I go through all my outfits. Why am I telling you this? Well for those of you who know that I live in Toronto you’re going to ask where is the snow? It’s in town but not [Read more…]

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Dec 042017
Winter Coats to Get You Through the Cold

Every season many of us blogger/stylists/editors get some great perks and are gifted the latest winter coats. I’m going to review my two favourite. Woods Moraine Down Bomber The Moraine Bomber was built to keep you warm and dry even in the harshest winter conditions and apparently this winter is going to be a Canadian [Read more…]

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