Dec 122017

I take my pictures in batches – my photographer and I meet for a period of time and I go through all my outfits. Why am I telling you this? Well for those of you who know that I live in Toronto you’re going to ask where is the snow? It’s in town but not in my photos.

Today is an exercise in neutrals. Mixing neutrals is easy – do it in threes. Mix 3 neutral colours. I am wearing camel, cream and grey. It is a soft palette and easy to replicate.

For those women who work in a cold office building wraps are a great blanket and fashion statement. I wish I was kidding but not.

Outfit details – Pants, Ann Taylor (here) || Blouse, Ann Taylor (old but great option here, here & here) || Wrap, Ann Taylor (here, great options here, here & here) || Shoes, Banana Republic (old, great option here)



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